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Aims and Purposes of Art and Design

Art and design offers opportunities for students to:

  • Develop their creativity, imagination and problem solving skills through visual, tactile and sensory experiences.
  • Develop techniques through experimenting with a wide range of media and materials in response to the disciplines of Art. 
  • Develop practical, technical and critical skills, communicating their ideas, feelings and meanings in response to the work of artists and designers.



Key Stage 3 - CET Design Programme

The Design Programme incorporates Art, design, technology and ICT. This encourages students to think rigorously about the concepts of structure, pattern, performance, human interaction and meaning and develop their ideas into real, crafted and manufactured products.  Students have opportunities to work alongside professional designers from creative businesses in design, construction, engineering, architecture and fashion.

Opportunities to compete alongside other CET schools and collaborate with one another is rooted within the Design programme, from photography competitions to annual enrichment days and activities.  


Key Stage 4- Art and Design and Textiles

The Programme of study offers an appropriate means for students to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding learned at Key Stage 3 and lays the foundation for post-16 studies.


Key Stage 4- Art and Design

Students select and present a portfolio representative of their course of study. This portfolio includes a sustained project as well as a journey of exciting work. This is created from skilled based workshops, experiments with a range of art forms and responses to gallery and museum visits. In addition students produce work in response to a practical external set task.  


Key Stage 4 – Textiles

Students are introduced to a range of textile techniques and processes in relation to fashion, printed and dyed materials and constructed, stitched and embellished textiles. A portfolio of work including a sustained project as well as a practical external set task is required for this subject. 


Key Stage 5 - A Level Art and A Level Photography

A Level Art and A Level Photography builds a broad practical, contextual understanding of skills, knowledge developed from studying GCSE Art. Students will discover media, techniques and processes, developing their creativity, and independence to create imaginative and expressive work. This is in response to component 1 - a practical, personal investigation supported by written work. This counts for 60% of the total A level qualification. Component 2 - External set assignment developing work in response to an exciting starting point counts for 40% of the A Level marks. 


London Art Trip - February 2011 - Photo Gallery


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