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2016/2017 Targets:


Individual attendance target: 100%


Academy attendance target: 97%


It is important that every student attends school every day and on time in order that they may give themselves the very best chance of success. It is proven by research that students who are not in school will miss out on lesson time and may then not be able to take full advantage of the learning experiences available to them.


Attendance Vs. absence – the breakdown!


Many students do not realise just how big an impact attendance has on their learning.  Take a look below to see how many lessons your child has missed, you may be surprised!


2 weeks off per year

60 lessons missed


4 weeks off per year

120 lessons missed


6 weeks off per year

180 lessons missed


8 weeks off per year

240 lessons missed


 The legal framework in relation to student absence:


We understand that sometimes absences can’t be helped but do ask that you work collaboratively with the academy in any such time that your child isn’t present – key to this is communication.


We are expected to take steps to rectify any attendance concern which falls below the government’s guideline percentage and as such, should your child qualify, a member of staff at the school will write to you to notify you of our concern. Should there be no progress following this letter, you may be invited to a parenting contract meeting to discuss the poor attendance and identify strategies to support your child.


Please also be aware that the criteria for fixed penalty notices for unauthorised absence has recently been significantly reduced. Should your child’s unauthorised absence meet the threshold and subsequently trigger a fixed penalty notice, it will be structured as follows:


· £60 per parent/adult for each student if paid within 21 days, increasing to £120 if paid after 21 days but within 28 days of issue.

· If the Penalty Notice is not paid within 28 days, the Local Authority may instigate legal proceedings under section 444 (1) of the Education Act 1996. If found guilty of an offence under this Act, parents will receive a criminal record and could be fined up to £1000.


Should your child’s attendance be below 90% and cause serious concern, the Local Authority may choose to take formal legal action against you as opposed to issuing a fixed penalty notice - you should also be aware that if convicted of an offence of failing to ensure regular attendance of your child at school under Section 444, 1 / 1A Education Act 1996, you could be fined up to £1,000/ £2,500 and/or receive a term of imprisonment not exceeding 3 months.               


Please note that whilst we support the government’s stance on reducing absence, the academy does not benefit financially from this action.

In the event that your child may be absent from school:

For safeguarding reasons, we need to know where your child is at all times during term time.

In the unlikely event your child be absent from school due to illness, please contact our Student Support Administrator using our 24 hour absence line. This is accessible by calling the academy and selecting option 1. Our welfare officers may visit your home address should we receive no reason for absence to either alert you to the absence and to collect the reason for absence.

Absences will either be classified as authorised or unauthorised. Authorised absences are absences that are agreed by the school. Examples of these include: illness, certified emergency Dr’s appointments, orthodontic appointments and close relative funerals. Unauthorised absences include: shopping for uniform, waiting for delivery men and looking after siblings or family members.

Doctors and dental appointments should always be made outside of school hours.


Term time leave and family holidays


Government guidelines prevent academies from granting any leave of absence during term time, unless there are exceptional circumstances and from the 22nd of April 2016 the criteria for issuing Penalty Notices for unauthorised term time absence has reduced significantly. 


Should your child’s absence exceed the threshold and subsequently trigger a fixed penalty notice, you should be aware that the Educational Inclusion and Partnership Team at Northamptonshire County Council may issue a Penalty Notice, payable direct to them.


We realise that the vast majority of parents do not take family holidays in term time as they recognise the significant impact this can have on their child’s education.


We hope that you will continue to support us by not planning a leave of absence during term time however, should you have planned or are planning leave, please collect an exceptional circumstances form from student office or main reception.




Good punctuality is an excellent life-skill and we expect all our students to arrive in school before 8:45am. For parents who have other children to drop off, or have to be at work early etc. we open the academy for students from 7:45am. Many students take advantage of this by catching up with friends in the atrium or attending sports clubs before school. For any student who arrives after 8:45am, we operate ‘late gates’ and students will receive a sanction.


As a parent, I can help by:

As a school, we will help by:

As a student, I can help by:

Contacting the school when your child will be absent.

Following up on every absence ensuring that no absence goes un-noted.

Attending school every day, on time, to give you the very best chance of success.

Booking doctors and dentist appointments outside of school hours.

Acknowledging and rewarding good attendance and punctuality.

Participate in the inter-house competitions for attendance and punctuality.

Supporting your child to attend as often as possible by reminding them on the importance of school attendance

Reminding parents and students about the importance of attendance and how it is measured against attainment.


Ensuring your child arrives at school by 8:45am each morning.

Letting parents know if we have concerns regarding their child’s attendance and punctuality.



Help and guidance

If you wish to discuss your child’s attendance further, or wish to seek advice regarding an attendance matter; please contact a member of the Pastoral Team on 01933 222830.  

Finally, if you have any concerns or require advice or guidance regarding your child’s attendance at school, please contact the relevant person below.

Year 7
Miss F Wood - Raising Standards Mentor

Year 8
Mr S Emary– Raising Standards Mentor

Year 9
Miss E Holloway - Raising Standards Mentor

Year 10
Miss A Watson - Raising Standards Mentor

Year 11
Mr D Alexis - Raising Standards Mentor

Daily Absence Support
Mrs J Farrar - Student Support Administrator

Academy Lead for Attendance
Mr J Grantham - Attitudes and Attendance Leader



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