Month: June 2018

Sixth Form Induction Week

Dear Student

This is an invitation to the Sixth Form Induction Week that will run from Tuesday June 26th to Thursday June 28th 2018.

The induction will provide you with all the information you need to prepare you for your move from GCSE to becoming a Weavers Sixth Form student. Furthermore, the week is structured to enable students to access information and guidance that will help you make the most informed choices possible. Because the shift from Year 11 to Sixth Form is so great and your experience will be so different, attendance to the induction is strongly advised for all prospective Year 12 students.

The full induction programme will run as follows:

Tuesday 26 June:

This will be an opportunity to experience A-level lessons in your chosen option choices. You may also wish to try lessons you have an interest in studying but did not select as an option to help clarify your choices. You may wish to review your choices after these sessions, but please do this in discussion with myself to ensure compatibility

Wednesday 27 June:

This day will cover what the benefits of doing A-levels will be for you in more detail. A strong information, advice and guidance (IAG) focus on Tuesday’s sessions to help further guide students towards their potential routes and options both within and beyond Sixth Form as you make the step up to being a successful Sixth Form student. There will be sessions on study skills, future career paths, wellbeing and team-building activities amongst other things.

Thursday 28 June:

Today will include sessions from former students and external speakers on their experience of sixth form, university, apprenticeships and where these can take you. We will be taking a small group of students to the induction of the CET public speaking and essay writing competition, which is an excellent chance to participate in the top competition available across the trust to our sixth form students. We will also take students to the University of Bedford  UCAS fair where a large number of universities from across the country will be represented showing what they have to offer at post-18.

Each day will commence at 8.45 am in M14. As a Sixth Form student you will be expected to dress in smart office wear for all days apart from Thursday’s university visit .

Please confirm your attendance using the online booking system below

Please do not hesitate to contact myself or Mrs Pandya, Sixth Form Pastoral Mentor if you have any concerns or require further information.

Yours sincerely



We wanted to write to you all to tell you that we are proud of you when you:

Come to school every day wearing your uniform proudly

Bring your equipment and get ready for learning quickly in each lesson

Think hard and work hard to produce your best work

Show politeness and respect to each other and to all the adults that work with you.

Can we thank you for keeping the field, the courts, the playground, plaza and all the outdoor spaces in good condition by disposing of your litter properly. There is some room for improvement here though – let’s make sure that we keep our school looking great all the time.

We are pleased that the vast majority of you move to lessons quickly on the bell (including on the first bell after break 1 and break 2). Some of you however are moving along a bit too slowly and frequently this makes you late for lessons.

For the next few weeks we are going to ask you to work on achieving the following 2 goals:


Arrive at period 3 and period 5 by the second bell at the latest – especially Years 7 and 9 (as we have noticed that some of you aren’t meeting this expectation yet).

Move safely and briskly to lessons on the changeover between periods 1-2 and 3-4. We notice that sometimes, some of you dawdle and chat a little too much which slows you down. We notice that a few of you stop to chat and this results in you being late to lessons too.


Bring the noise levels down in the building and around the site by using your 0.5 metre voice or your ‘indoor voice’.

To help you, we will remind you of these goals during your tutorial sessions and in assemblies when they re-start.

We will also ask staff to be out and about around the school during changeovers to remind you of these goals and to support you to achieve them.

Please can we thank you for everything that you do to make our school fantastic.

Please let’s keep on making sure that our behaviour and attitude to learning is brilliant so that learning can be good and outstanding for everyone.

From Monday 11th we will switch to summer uniform. Blazers need not be brought to school. However other jackets or tops must not be worn instead. Please ensure everyone understand this. This message about uniform will also be sent to parents.

Thank you.

Raising Standards Team and all the staff