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WEA Attendance Update

WEA Attendance Update

Weavers Academy celebrates record breaking attendance!

We are delighted that we reached our highest attending day of the year on Monday 4th March 2024! Well done to all!

Is your child not coming to school today?

All parents must notify us of absence before 8am on every day of absence. We recognise that children get ill from time to time, but we must know where all students are if they are not in school.

Please use our school’s main number to report absence – 01933 222830. Mrs Butlin will take your call and offer any support you may need. 

Please ensure you leave enough specific detail for us to make an absence authorisation decision. If we require more information, we may call you back or visit home if we need more information. 

NHS Inform: Is My Child Too Ill For School? Please use this guidance to determine if your son/daughter should attend or not: Is my child too ill for school? – NHS (

The attendance team follow up every absence daily including minibus visits in the case of unexplained absence and welfare calls. If your son/daughters absence remains unexplained for the full day you will be automatically added to our safeguard and welfare checks which run from 7am-8am daily. Please always let us know if your child is not going to be at school.

Need help with your child’s attendance?

Contact our dedicated team:

Mrs Farrar, Mrs Adams, Mrs Butlin and Mrs Alcindor-Gilmour and Mr Grantham 

Or book into our attendance improvement clinic! Drop us a message to get booked in!