The educational vision of our sponsor,  Creative Education Trust, is ‘Knowledge Connected’. The Trust and its member schools believe that creativity is the ability to make new connections between the things we know, and to turn these connections into ideas and practical action. Connecting knowledge needs to be at the heart of education because is vital to improving standards and will make young people resourceful and employable in tomorrow’s knowledge economy.

At Weavers and other CET schools, six concepts connect what students know and do: Structure, Pattern, Meaning, Performance, Human Interaction and Practice. These concepts are recognised by educationalists, universities and employers as characteristic of successful employees, responsible citizens and resourceful adults. We use the concepts to link subjects across the curriculum and to foster personal development and employability.

Non-Executive Director Recruitment

Creative Education Trust is partnering with Nurole, the leading board-level hiring platform, to find two Non-Executive Directors. You can find out more and register your interest here. For any questions or problems, please contact William.Prescott@nurole.com.

Statutory Information

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