Study of Drama allows students to:

  • Develop and perform their own plays and workshop productions
  • Develop subject specific knowledge, including the study of different styles of drama and theatre practitioners
  • Explore a variety of structural and devising techniques
  • Develop and perform published plays considering directors intention and their own interpretation
  • Students are encouraged to be involved in creative arts extra curricula activities and theatre visits

In KS3 students study the three areas: devising; performing; and verbal and practical evaluation. Students have the opportunity to explore GCSE techniques and styles at a foundation level. We study a wide variety of scripts, genres and style in order to prepare them for GCSE. Within the classroom Drama is delivered in a practical manner.

In KS4 students have the opportunity to:

  • Create and develop a devised piece from stimuli – Students must select stimuli and then be able to demonstrate how they have used it to create and develop a performance piece, this should include how they have rehearsed and refined their work with clear intent
  • Analyse and evaluate the creative process and group-devised performance
  • Perform extracts of a scripted published play. Performers must gain knowledge and understanding to explore how meaning is communicated through: themes; issues; performance conventions; genre; structure; form; style; language and stage directions; character relationships; character development
  • Study one performance text and complete exam question based on their knowledge of rehearsal
  • Review a live performance

We endeavour to provide a range of activities for students to take part in, including:

  • Creative Education Trust Days of Shakespeare festival
  • KS3 club
  • Year 8 and 9 Boys and Girls physical theatre sessions that are coached by GCSE students
  • GCSE rehearsals

Students are provided with a variety of opportunities to perform throughout the year, including the formal events of the Winter and Summer celebrations as well as whole school productions and the Days of Shakespeare performances which is an amazing opportunity and is a celebration of all Creative Education Trust’s secondary schools.