Food & Nutrition

By studying food preparation and nutrition learners will be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective and safe cooking skills by planning, preparing and cooking a variety of food commodities whilst using different cooking techniques and equipment;
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the functional properties and chemical characteristics of food as well as a sound knowledge of the nutritional content of food and drinks;
  • Understand the relationship between diet, nutrition and health, including the physiological and psychological effects of poor diet and health
    understand the economic, environmental, ethical and socio-cultural influences on food availability, production processes, diet and health choices;
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of functional and nutritional properties, sensory qualities and microbiological food safety considerations when preparing, processing, storing, cooking and serving food;
  • Understand and explore a range of ingredients and processes from different culinary traditions (traditional Welsh, British and international) to inspire new ideas or modify existing recipes.

Unit 1 – Principles of Food and Nutrition
Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes
40% of qualification
80 marks

Learners should be given the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of the six areas of content.
Learners should also be given the opportunity to develop technical skills, through carrying out practical and experimental work. This opportunity will allow learners to develop sound technical skills whilst exploring and consolidating knowledge and understanding relating to food preparation and nutrition.

Areas of content:

  1. Food commodities
  2. Principles of nutrition
  3. Diet and good health
  4. The science of food
  5. Where food comes from
  6. Cooking and food preparation

Unit 2 – Cooking and Nutrition in Action
Non-examination assessment
60% of qualification
120 marks

Assessment 1: The Food Investigation Assessment (20%)
Assessment 2: The Food Preparation Assessment (40%)