Health & Social Care

Health and Social Care enables students to develop a sound understanding of health and social care services, jobs and skills.  The courses themselves are designed to introduce the learning of academic topics, such as human lifespan development, and how life events and other factors can affect us; practical skills such as blood pressure taking, pulse and peak flows; research skills and appreciation of diversity.  Transferable and employability skills are also embedded, including independence, resilience, care values, communication and interpersonal skills.   Both the KS4 and KS5 courses include enhancing academic writing skills to produce coursework, as well as exam techniques.  The courses complement other areas of the curriculum, as the students look at a vast range of topic areas that will engage and motivate their eagerness to learn more. 

Key Stage 4:   BTEC  L1/2Tech Award in Health & Social Care

10Human Life Span Development – Component 1A Holistic development across the life spanLife events – Component 1B How different major life events affect our health and wellbeing  Care Values  – Component 2 A role play to demonstrate care skills, such as dignity and respect  
11Health and  WellBeing Component 3 How factors affect our wellbeing, and developing a health improvement plan for a case study  Care Services  – Component 2

Key Stage 5: BTEC L3  Extended Certificate in Health & Social Care

12Human Life Span Development – Unit 1 (Exam)   Meeting Individual Needs – Unit 5 (Coursework)
11Unit 2 – Working in Health & Social Care (Exam)  Physiological Disorders (Coursework)   

Unit 1 – Lifespan Development (Exam) – studying holistic development across the life span; factors affecting development; ageing and its impact on society

Unit 5 – Meeting Individual Needs (Coursework) – Equality & Diversity; skills needed to work in the care industry; building professional relationships; multi-disciplinary team working; communication skills; personalisation; ethical principles

Unit 2 – Working in Health and Social Care (Exam) – a synoptic unit, building on everything learnt in Y12, together with roles and responsibilities of care workers; roles of organisations; needs of different client groups

Unit 14 – Physiological Disorders (Coursework) – choose two different body disorders and research treatment, causes, holistic effects, putting together a care plan

Student Leadership:

Students will gain an understanding of many skills such as resilience, commitment, treating everyone with respect and dignity; importance of empowerment and accountability.