Music Department Staff

Miss M Reading, Head of Music and Director of Enrichment

Mrs D Noakes, Teacher of Music and Head of Creative Arts

Peripatetic Teachers provided by NMPAT

We are a proud partner of NMPAT and all of our vocal and instrumental lessons are supplied by them.  We aim to offer every child who is interested, lessons of their choice, so please enquire.  To request lessons, please download the attached letter and return the reply slip to the music department.  Payment will then be set up via ParentPay.

Mrs C Anderson, Piano

Mrs J Armstrong, Strings

Mr A Bell, Woodwind

Mr B Burton, Percussion

Mr J Calcott, Guitar

Ms L Govier, Vocals

Mr J Reynolds, Vocals

Mr B Turnball, Brass



Students study music for 1 hour each week.  Every lesson starts with class singing and the followed by practical music making.  We study a broad a varied curriculum across the year groups:

Topics Studied

Year 7

African Drumming

Programme Music



Dance Music

Hip Hop

Year 8


Popular Sing

Music for Media

Cover band



Year 9

Arts Award Bronze


Music for Media

Music for Celebration


Folk Music

Music Sequencing


We study the Edexcel BTEC Level 2 First Award and Certificate in Music.  The units chosen for the student to study are specific to the cohort of students.  At present we are studying:

  • Managing a Music Product
  • Introducing Music Performance
  • Introducing Music Composition
  • The Music Industry

The Edexcel BTEC Level 2 First Certificate in Music is available as an extension activity for students as appropriate.  At present, the additional units are:

  • Introducing Music Theory
  • Introducing Choral Studies
  • Music and Production Analysis
  • Developing Solo Music Performance


We study the RSL Level 3 Music Practitioners qualification.  The units chosen for the student to study are specific to the cohort of students.  At present we are studying:

  • Lead Performer
  • Music Director
  • Contracts in the Music Industry
  • Radio Podcast Production
  • Creating a Sample Library
  • Music Sequencing and Production (Media)
  • Planning for a Career in Music


  • We have a number of ensembles for all instruments and all abilities on offer. Click on the ensemble titles below to see who they are aimed at
Lunch After School
Monday Folk Band in C12
Tuesday Percussion Ensemble in C12

Vocal Ensemble in C11

Wednesday Choir in C11 KS4/5 Music Technology Support
Thursday String Ensemble in C11 Wind Ensemble in C11
Friday Guitar Ensemble in C11 Swing Band in C12

KS4/5Music Support