Physical Education

The PE department delivers a broad and balance curriculum in Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 which is set out to give the students at Weavers Academy the opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities, catering for all students’ needs. In Key Stage 3 students follow a set programme of study but in Key Stage 4 we offer the students the opportunity to select activities they want to participate in to encourage the independent learner. We also offer Key stage 4 Students GCSE PE as their option choice, where we follow the Edexcel specification as well as the NCFE course led by Pearson’s.

The PE team believes that every child can achieve in PE and as a result, lessons are structured to create full involvement of all. The ethos of the Department is ‘Personal Excellence’ dedicated to providing Physical Education lessons that inspire every individual to reach their full potential. By using the PRIDE values the PE department want every pupil to work at their ‘Personal Best’ in all areas of the curriculum to allow them to make progress in practical performance, leadership and understanding.

To support students learning and enjoyment the department offers a wide variety of extra-curricular sports for both boys and girls ranging from football, netball, rugby and basketball to, health related fitness, table tennis, athletics and rounders. Students who attend either the sporting electives or sports clubs can represent Weavers Academy in fixtures against opposing schools, competing across the district, county, and country in a wide range of sports. Students who show potential are directed towards local clubs to further their development as well as being nominated for district, county and high-level club teams.

We have excellent facilities at Weavers Academy, including multiple football pitches, a large sport hall including 5 badminton courts and basketball court, access to the table tennis hall and new state of the art fitness centre as well as ample of space both outdoor and indoor activities to fulfil our broad and balance curriculum. We have also created excellent links with local clubs to use their facilities to give our student’s as many opportunities as possible. Weavers Academy also link with N-Sport to develop SEND sporting success.  

Key Stage 3:

Key Stage 3 Core PE
Curriculum intent: During key stage 3, students become more expert in their skills and techniques, and learn how to apply them in different activities. They build upon their understanding of what makes an effective performance and how to apply these principles to their own and others’ work. They learn to take the initiative and make decisions for themselves about what to do to improve performance. They continue to identify the types of activity they prefer, and take a variety of roles, such as leader, coach and official.
Across the year students learn the key techniques and skills across a range of activities, including striking and fielding, net and wall games, invasion games, athletics, gymnastics, and fitness. Within these activities they will be assessed across the following areas using the Head, Heart, Hands model:
● Health in PE – their understanding and application of the importance of health and fitness and how to prepare for and recover from exercise.
● Thinking in PE – their understanding and application of tactics and strategies and how to improve performance.
● Social in PE – their understanding and application of team work, the importance of working as a team and how to support each other in reaching their goals.
● Physical in PE – their understanding and application of skills and techniques and their ability to apply these with control and consistency across a range of activities.
Cross curricular links:
Maths – Scoring, groupings, analysis of performance (% on target, off target, possession).
English – Communication, clarity of instructions.
PSHE – Team work, leadership, organisation

Curriculum Map:

Key Stage 4:

KS4 Core PE
Curriculum intent: In Key Stage 4 students become more independent and take more control over their roles and responsibilities in lessons and activities across a range of activities. Tackling more complex and demanding physical activities and get involved in a range of activities that develops personal fitness and promotes an active, healthy lifestyle. Year 11 will engage in physical activity however are unassessed due to catch up classes and extra revision time during their final year.
Assessment: Year 10 to begin grading system using the PRIDE criteria and again are awarded grades using medals (Bronze, Silver and Gold). Each term students are awarded a medal based on each aspect of PRIDE:
Perseverance, Respect, Independence, Determination, Engagement.
Perseverance – I keep going even when things are difficult.
Respect- I Care how my words and actions affect others
Independence- I’m self motivated and take responsibility for my own success
Determination- I have the mentality to be successful and never give up
Engagement- I play an active part in my learning and make this community a great place to be
Cross curricular links:
Maths – Scoring, groupings, analysis of performance (% on target, off target, possession).
English – Communication, clarity of instructions.
PSHE – Team work, leadership, organisation.

Curriculum Map:

GCSE Edexcel In GCSE Physical Education (PE) the specification has been designed to allow learners to study PE in an academic setting. 
Assessment: 60% of the course is assessed through two 60-minute exams. In theory lessons, students investigate the link between physical activity and health, and how athletes adapt physically and mentally to the changing sports environment. The course requires students to underpin their practical performances with theoretical knowledge of the anatomical, physiological and psychological demands of physical activity, and how to make decisions about what to do in their own fitness and training. 
30% is based on developing their practical performance in three sports, to a high level of performance. Practical lessons will cover a range of different sports before three sports are chosen to be assessed in. These will be a combination of individual and/ or team sports. Students are expected to attend lunchtime and after-school clubs each week to support their practical performance development over the two years of the course.

Curriculum Map:

NCFE Level 1 / 2 Technical Award in Health and Fitness Over the duration of the course students cover the following information within two units:
● Understand and identify the main body systems and their functions
● Understand the Principles of Training and FITT
● Explore how physical activities affect the body in the short- and long-term
● Understand how relevant fitness test can be used for specific health and skill components of fitness
● Understand different lifestyle analysis tools and how to apply them.
● Create a Health and Fitness programme.
The qualification has 2 assessments externally set by NCFE: one non-exam assessment and one written exam assessment. Only 1 attempt at each assessment is permitted.

Curriculum Map: Coming soon

Key Stage 5:

Level 3 BTEC National Diploma in Sport
In year 12 and 13 students study the level 3 BTEC National Diploma which is the equivalent of 1.5 A-Levels. Assessment is a 1.5 hour written paper and controlled assessment units including Anatomy and Physiology, and Fitness training. All other units are assessed internally through coursework and practical based evidence
Unit 1- Anatomy and Physiology (External)
Unit 2- Fitness Training and Programming for Health, Sports and well-being (External)
Unit 3- Professional Development in the Sports Industry (Internal)
Unit 4- Sports Leadership (Internal)
Unit 5- Application of Fitness Testing (Internal)
Unit 6- Sports Psychology (Internal)
Unit 10- Sports Event Organisation (Internal)

Curriculum Map:

Student Leadership:

leadership is part of every lesson in PE and students are encouraged to develop their confidence and leadership skills from KS3. Student leaders also have the opportunity to work with primary schools in the community.

Curriculum Enhancement:

Where possible throughout the year fixtures and tournaments will take place for some of the activities that we cover, students will be involved in the delivery of tournaments hosted at the school, including Primary School Tournaments. Other events will be offered for students to participate in such as CET Day of Sport, House events and Sports Day as the final event of the year for their House. Trips such as the School Ski Trip or to live sporting events will be arranged throughout the year, depending on cost and interest.

Careers in PE:

Professional athlete, coach or official, sports scientist, sports teacher/ lecturer, sports coach, personal trainer, physiotherapist, sports psychologist, sports journalist, diet and nutritionist, sports technologist/analyst.