Psychology as a subject aims to give students an understanding of Human Behaviour and how knowledge is gained. Over the two-year course, students will develop a broad knowledge and understanding of the core areas of psychology. In the first year, students will cover Cognitive and Developmental Psychology, Approaches in Psychology, Obedience and Conformity, as well as explanations for and treatments of Psychopathology. Psychology research methods are studied in as a separate topic but also in conjunction with each topic area.In the second year of the course focuses further on the evaluation and analysis of theories and wider attempts to explain human behaviour. A selection of units are available and course delivery can be shaped by consensus of interest by the students. Psychology students at Weavers are currently studying Intelligence, Aggression, Relationships, Media Psychology and Psychopathology.

Students aiming for top grades will need to demonstrate broad and detailed knowledge of all the research and theories covered as well as draw upon this information to offer valid applications and explanations for any new topics they cover. A key factor in this is knowledge and understanding of issues, debates and approaches in psychology. The most successful students will show that they think and approach their work as a ‘psychologist’ rather than just an A-level student.