Intent of Psychology KS5 Curriculum:

AQA Psychology offers an engaging and effective introduction to the subject. Students will learn the fundamentals of Psychology and develop skills valued by Higher Education and employers, including critical analysis, independent thinking, and research. The course provides an overview of the broad subject area of Psychology and covers biological, cognitive, developmental, social aspects of the topic as well as individual differences and approaches. The new course has an extended section on research methods and statistical tests used throughout Psychology and considers the issues and debates that provide a theoretical framework to a fuller understanding of the subject.

Over the two-year course, students will develop a broad knowledge and understanding of the core areas of psychology. In the first year, students will cover Cognitive and Developmental Psychology, Approaches in Psychology, Social Influence; as well as explanations for and treatments of psychopathology. In the second year of the course focuses further on the evaluation and analysis of theories and wider attempts to explain human behaviour.

A selection of optional units are available and consequently, course delivery can be shaped by consensus of interest by the students. Psychology students at Weavers are currently studying Aggression, Relationships and Schizophrenia as their year 2 options.


At the end of the second year, students complete 3, two-hour papers to assess their knowledge of the psychology curriculum.

Students complete a range of questions including: multiple choice, data interpretation, calculations, shorter written  responses, extended written responses and essays. There is an essay component in each paper as well as assessment on Research Methods in Psychology.

Paper 1: Introductory Topics in Psychology:Paper 2: Psychology in Context:Paper 3: Issues and Options in Psychology
Human Memory
Social Influence
Approaches in Psychology
Bio Psychology
Research Methods
Issues and Debates in Psychology
Assessed in a written exam: 2 hours
96 marks in total
33.3% of A-level
Written exam: 2 hours
96 marks in total
33.3% of A-level.
Written exam: 2 hours
96 marks in total
33.3% of A-level