Sociology is a social science. It is the study of different groups in society. Sociologists try to explain patterns of behaviour using nurture (social environment) arguments. A scientist may try to explain behaviour from a biological point of view whereas a sociologist tries to explain group behaviour by exploring factors such as upbringing, role models, social class, ethnicity and gender. This a theoretical essay subject that requires students to think about how different sociological perspectives such as Functionalism, Feminism and Marxism might explain social issues.   

At Weavers Academy, we offer GCSE Sociology (AQA) and A Level Sociology (AQA). 

GCSE Sociology (AQA)

What does the course involve? 

There are 5 key topics; 

Families; the functions of the family, types of family, family diversity, changing relationships, divorce, criticisms of and alternatives to the family  

Education; the functions of education, types of school, achievement, alternative education 

Research Methods; different ways of investigating social issues, different types of data 

Social Stratification; poverty, social class, life chances, government policy, inequality, power, patriarchy 

Crime and Deviance; types of crime and deviance, ways of measuring crime, social control, patterns of crime, punishment, media and crime 

Curriculum Map

How will I be assessed? 

There are 2 exams taken in summer at the end of year 11; 

Paper 1; The Sociology of Families and Education (1hr 45 minutes) – Small mark to long essay questions 

Paper 2; The Sociology of Crime and Deviance and Social Stratification (1hr 45 minutes)- Small mark to long essay questions 

How will the skills that I develop help me in my future career? 

Sociology is a social science that will help you into a multitude of different professions. These range from the Criminal Justice System, Social Work, Media and Journalism to Marketing, Teaching and Management. Sociology is good for any profession that requires you to think analytically, from different points of view and where you work directly with people.

A Level Sociology (AQA)

Exam Board: AQA  

Entry Requirements: Grade 6 or above in English and Humanities subjects 

Why study Sociology?  

Why do some people do well at school and others fail? Is the single-parent household now the new norm? What is the impact of divorce on children? How does the media control us? How are criminals ‘made’ by society? Is prison an effective deterrent? Does it matter if the same people own all our social media? 

If you’ve ever spent time thinking about these difficult questions and would like to explore different theories that seek to provide answers to them, then sociology could be for you.  

Sociology is the study of groups in society. Sociologists seek to improve society by exploring common social issues and problems, coming up with theories as to why these happen and thinking up potential solutions. Sociology looks at different groups such as gender, different ages, social classes and ethnicities and seeks to explain why these groups behave the way that they do. 

If you study sociology, you will be able to become autonomous in your learning, hone your analysis and evaluation skills and not only learn about different research methods but apply them, including collecting and working with data. You will be able to demonstrate your analytical skills and use them to explain ideas and data. 

Beware, it will require a lot of essay work from you, but it will be mightily rewarding! Are you ready for the challenge? 

What does the course involve and how will I be assessed? 

Curriculum Map

Where will Sociology lead me post Sixth Form? 

Sociology is useful for a range of Social and Political Sciences, Criminology, Police, Army, Arts and Healthcare related degrees including: Childhood Studies, Media Studies, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Sports Science, Psychology, Sociology, Speech Therapy and Social Work.  

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