Sociology is the systematic study of society, the way people live and behave. Throughout the linear A-level students will acquire the essential knowledge and understanding of central aspects of sociological thought and methods, together with the application of a range of skills.

The units covered include Families & Households, Education and Sociology research methods. In the second year of study students study Media, Crime and Deviance and Theory and Methods. Following the course should enable students to acquire knowledge and a critical understanding of contemporary social processes and structures, appreciate the significance of theoretical and conceptual issues in sociological debate, understand sociological methodology and a range of research methods, reflect on their own experience of the social world in which they live and develop skills which enhance their ability to participate more effectively in adult life.

Students aiming for top grades will need to demonstrate broad and detailed knowledge of all the research and perspectives covered as well as draw upon this information to offer valid applications and explanations for any new topics they cover. The most successful students will show that they think and approach their work as a ‘sociologist’ to rather than just an A-level student.