Dress Code

As we prepare our students for life beyond the Academy we uphold a professional dress code modelled on the same expectations as for staff. Please find below the details:

  1. Students must have a smart, professional and clean appearance at all times.
  2. Appropriate personal presentation will be business/professional attire, for example a suit. Students must wear smart trousers or shorts/skirt and a smart top or shirt with a collar and tie, or a smart dress, unless there are good reasons for not doing so.
  3. Footwear must be smart, formal and safe.
  4. Tattoos should be covered wherever possible.
  5. Weavers Academy values and recognises the diversity of cultures, religions, gender orientation and disabilities of its employees and will take a sensitive approach when this affects dress requirements. For example, hijabs, turbans, kippots, and headscarves are supported on religious grounds.
  6. The following are examples of items of dress that are not usually permitted:
    • Leisure/sportswear and trainers (except for PE or sports events)
    • Denim
    • Flip flops or slider style sandals
    • Clothes, e.g. leggings, that are particularly tight or revealing
    • Clothes, e.g. miniskirts or short shorts, that are immodestly short
    • Ostentatious or large jewellery items
    • Visible body, multiple or facial piercings (other than discrete earrings).
    • Extreme hair colours.
  7. The Head of Sixth Form or Principal’s decision on appropriate dress for students is final.
  8. Students must ensure their appearance and clothing:

• Promote a positive, professional and business-like image.

• Are not likely to be viewed as discriminatory, offensive, or revealing.

• Are absent of any political or otherwise contentious slogans.