Individual Study Plans

ISPs are a key part of our sixth form. Every student receives one for each of their subjects. The purpose of an ISP is to help students manage the significant challenges involved in moving from GCSE to A-Level.  Each ISP runs over one half term and gives students tasks to complete during their study periods at school.
This is what each section of the ISP contains:

Study Task Outline

Information about how this ISP fits into what students are studying.
What skills or knowledge the student needs to be successful in this part/stage of the course.
Student-friendly explanation of what types of exam questions or skills this section focuses on.
Suggestions to help the student complete the work successfully.

Task Detail

Clear, understandable tasks with a clear outcome.
Specific resources which are accessible to the students.
A record of whether the student has completed the task.

How this Study Task Will Be Assessed

The ISP is designed to prepare students to successfully complete an assessment which will often be an exam paper or questions.

Success Criteria

Key information related to the student’s target grade with guidance on what they need to do to achieve this.
If students do not meet their target grade in an assessment then they will receive a Comprehensive Red Individual Study Plan or CRISP.
This is designed specifically to give the student the correct guidance and information to help them fill the gaps in their knowledge or skills to enable them to meet their target grade and be successful.