Life & Work In The Sixth Form


Joining Weavers Sixth Form brings great benefits, but in turn there are expectations about work and behaviour. These are expectations of regular attendance, following the dress code and participating in the full range of enrichment activities which we offer.

We expect students to conduct themselves sensibly and respectfully thus maintaining the relaxed and co-operative working relationship between staff and students.

Greater Independence
Initially in Year 12 you the student will need to adjust to more independent private study and research. Students are expected to organise their own time outside of school in order to complete reading and note taking as well as meet assessment deadlines. A minimum of two hours per day should be set aside for homework and independent learning.

Support and Guidance
The Pastoral Team care for the well-being of the students and monitor their academic progress. Weavers has an excellent pastoral structure and the Sixth Form have the benefit of a designated Pastoral Mentor to support further the students’ social and emotional well-being.

The Sixth Form follow a PSHE and enrichment programme developing study skills, debating topical and moral issues and preparing for UCAS and job applications. Work rate and attendance are monitored regularly by subject teachers and procedures exist for dealing with students who fall behind in either respect. This is a collaborative process designed to support students and secure their success.

Students who fail to meet course expectations or apply themselves appropriately, or who behave in anti-social or inappropriate ways, may be asked to leave the Sixth Form.

In the Sixth Form there is regular monitoring and assessing of work through reports and including trial AS and A2 exams. Parents will be informed about progress and invited to Parents’ Evenings.

Parents are also encouraged to contact the school to arrange meetings with the Head of Sixth and the Pastoral Team at other times to discuss their child’s progress.

Dress Code
To prepare students further for the expectations of the careers many will pursue, we require students to dress according to our formal dress code.
For male students, this consists of appropriate trousers or a suit, a tie, a conventional shirt and dark shoes.
Female students should wear the formal equivalent.

Students are invited during Year 12 to apply to become leaders. These students will have certain privileges in exchange for the invaluable extra responsibilities and workload they take on in assisting the staff during lunch and break times and representing the school at other times.

Bursary Payments
Post 16 – is a fund that is available for students in families who need financial support to help cover the costs of sixth form study and to stay in education or training. These payments are offered to those students in Post 16 who qualify according to the attached policy and have a meeting with the sixth form team to establish how best to support their academic progress.