Sixth Form Enrichment Programme

At Weavers we believe that an essential part of our Sixth Form provision involves providing our students with opportunities to extend and develop their skills beyond just A-Level studies. In these increasingly competitive times, we want our students to stand out and so central to this is the Enrichment Programme.

Work Experience
We encourage students to take up work experience opportunities to help support UCAS and future career choices – this is essential for students wishing to progress to university courses in, for example, Teaching and is recommended for those wishing to study Law.

The Extended Project Qualification provides students with the opportunity to conduct in-depth research into a subject or topic of interest. This qualification is becoming increasingly valued by universities who are looking to recruit students with the ability to research independently. The EPQ prepares students for the demands of university work and in particular, their final year dissertation. The EPQ is worth AS equivalent UCAS points.

Peer Reading
Peer reading offered by 6th formers has developed into a vital part of the special needs provision at Weavers. It is one of a number of opportunities for successful students to help students with learning needs in the lower school. Coordinated by members of the Year 13 Leadership Team, volunteers help develop literacy skills in Year 7 and 8 students, giving them the confidence and encouragement needed for them to thrive and progress.

Peer Mentoring
Mentors can provide advice that can reduce stress and provide confidence to younger students. Student mentors have themselves successfully completed compulsory education and they have an understanding of what younger students are experiencing. You can provide support and encouragement between peers.

Subject Support
Involves providing support to a particular subject area. You may support students who are struggling on a particular topic or who need help to focus, giving you a valuable experience but also improving younger students’ chances of success.

Anti-Bullying Group
Bullying is not tolerated at Weavers and students working as part of the ABG understand that sometimes it’s difficult for some younger students to talk to adults about being bullied. Quite simply, you could make a vital difference to any students who is scared to speak out.

Young Enterprise
Giving students an exciting experience of business, innovation and a chance to work as a successful team. Young Enterprise gives you the opportunity to start up and run a small business where you take it to from there is only limited by the size of your ambition and your ideas.

Duty Team
Members of the Duty Team help around the school site during break times, supporting students and generally helping things run smoothly. As Sixth Formers you are the Senior students in school and this duty reflects that. Sixth Formers who help during lunch time receive credits for use in the school canteen.

A* Club
Excellent students, encouraging excellence in others.
We also value your involvement in any extra-curricular activities and will actively support you if you want to set up one of your own.

Fundraising Team
This year the Sixth Form have helped raise nearly two thousand pounds for local and national charities. If you have fresh ideas as well as the passion and drive to help charitable causes then look no further.