Sixth Form Leadership

Nia Rees – Head Girl

At present I am studying A-Levels in psychology, history and mathematics and am working towards studying psychology at either the University of Birmingham or the University of Kent when I finish sixth form.

Outside of school I am an active member of my local youth theatre, taking 4 classes a week and working as an assistant in another. Having a hectic schedule can be challenging and so my top tip for surviving sixth form is to make sure you leave yourself enough time to get 8 hours sleep a night. Both the work load and the content at A-Level can be tricky, but as I’ve discovered, it only gets harder when you’re sleep deprived!


Jack Kitchener – Head Boy

I currently study business studies, citizenship, history and an extended project qualification (EPQ). At the end of the year I am looking to move to Cheshire and to Manchester Metropolitan University where I want to study business management, then beyond this become a marketing executive.

My top tip for students either in sixth form or in the secondary school is to take all the opportunities you can get. This may be things like using your time wisely during study periods, consistently going to after-school intervention classes and doing extra work outside of school to improve your knowledge. Having determination and being consistent are some of the key ingredients to becoming successful at both GCSE and A-Level.


Hannah Brown – Deputy Head Girl

I am currently studying maths, biology, chemistry and writing an EPQ with a view to studying medicine at Birmingham University.

Sixth form and A-Level is a considerable step-up from GCSE, my top tip would be to prioritise, know your deadlines and put the most important things first on your list, make sure your individual study time is properly utilised – don’t waste it!!


Dionne Burton – Head of Mentoring

In my last year of sixth form (year 13) I am currently studying three subjects; psychology, biology and citizenship. I also previously studied creative writing in year 12. Following on from sixth form I am aspiring to study British Sign Language and Deaf Studies at the University of Central Lancashire, to become an interpreter and to work in a school for deaf children.  My top tips for new sixth formers are:

Start revision now, even if you haven’t had your first lesson, just start it now.
Get into a routine now, plan how much time you are going devote to your studies and start it now.
It’s okay to take a break; but only if you’ve been working hard.
Make sixth form what you want it to be, don’t feel pressured into doing anything, it is your decision.
Ultimately you are only going to do well if you want to.


Danny Clark – Head of Mentoring


I study maths, further maths, physics and chemistry as well as completing an Extended Project Qualification. Through going to Sixth Form I have gained a lot of independence and I intend to go to either the University of Warwick or Loughborough University to study pure mathematics. Outside of school I play basketball and go to Weavers gym as well as being a leisure attendant at Weavers leisure centre. You will enjoy yourself at Sixth Form and be successful if you can prioritise correctly and are willing to work hard, constantly.