Suggested Combinations

If you decide to opt for A-Levels which would normally be with the future expectation of progressing to a university, it is wise to choose subjects that work well together and which are required by some university courses. This makes particular sense if you have a really clear idea of what you want to do in the future, but there are also some A-Level combinations which fit well together and complement each other.

We’ve included some of these combinations and a few suggestions below but this is not an exhaustive list.

You will need to study maths and physics at A-Level. (design technology is not a requirement).

Medicine / Veterinary Studies
All entrants will be expected to have a minimum of three very strong A-Levels (essential to have chemistry plus one other science, and preferably maths).

Usually requires maths as well as physics.

Sport Science
May require a science as well as sport and physical education, but many count psychology or maths as well. (They also require a good deal of high level participation, or at least coaching or refereeing, in addition to what you will do in school.)

Often helped by having science subjects, however, psychology degree courses often request Psychology A-Level as the links between the two courses have become closer.

English and history are a useful combination for a law degree as this would involve extensive reading and research as well as being able to evaluate and analyse. These A-Levels offer the closest comparison at this level. A-Level Law is not a requirement for a law degree.

You will need to have strong GCSEs in English language and literature as well as A-Level English at grade C or above (at the very least). Journalism courses also demand that candidates have an active interest in writing and be able to show evidence of this.

Some subjects at university require an A-Level in the subject itself (English, history, maths).
There are some exceptions however: economics requires maths; computer science also requires maths. Business studies does not require an A-Level qualification in business.