Weavers Academy is an 11- 18, non-selective academy in Wellingborough and part of the growing Creative Education Trust.

Weavers is large enough to offer a very broad range of opportunities within its innovative, comprehensive curriculum while small enough to provide the level of care required to ensure all students feel safe, valued and happy.

We know that the quality of teaching and learning is the single biggest factor in shaping how well students do at school and it is for this reason that we have placed it at the centre of the school’s work. We care deeply about the success of each and every one of our students and we demonstrate this by devoting a huge amount of time to every individual.

The behaviour and attitudes of our students is good and we are proud of our students and the kind and caring attitudes to each other that they display. This ensures an environment in which learning is good and better for everyone. We have an ethos in which is it ‘cool’ to learn and feedback from families and students is absolutely key to this.