Assessment is key to enabling teachers to carry out effective interventions, whether during a lesson or over a longer time period. Teachers will use questioning, marking, tests and other methods to enable them to know the strengths and weaknesses of the students they teach. Each Learning Area will have their own methods and timings for formally assessing the students studying their subjects.

At Weavers Academy we believe that it is crucial that you are informed as to both the performance and progress of your child. We will therefore formally report this to you on four occasions during the academic year alongside Parent Consultation evenings and formal, written reports.

On each of these occasions, you will receive a teacher assessment of their current level or grade, with an indication as to whether this means they are on track to reach their end of year target. Staff will also select a descriptor to give you information on their effort, behaviour, homework and organisation in their subject.

These formal communications are made with the aim of developing a working partnership that enables your child to maximise their potential whilst at Weavers Academy. If there are any areas of uncertainty or you have any unanswered questions, please do contact us.