Whether going on to a great university, securing an apprenticeship, moving into further education, or entering the workplace, we want every young person who leaves a Creative Education Trust school to have real choices in life. That is why, as well as academic excellence, we seek to ensure that we provide the best possible careers education support and guidance and unique extra-curricular opportunities for every student to discover what else they’re good at.

Our students follow the Unifrog spiral curriculum across all key stages and is based on the 5 key areas set out in the Career Development Institutes framework:

  • Grow throughout life
  • Exploring possibilities
  • Manage Career
  • Create Opportunities
  • Balance Life and Work
  • See the Big Picture

During Key Stage 3, students explore what a career is, how their interests can help shape their futures, and how to start moving towards the futures that they want. Students are introduced to a wide variety of career pathways ready to start considering their options in Year 9.

During Key Stage 4, our students focus on Post-16 pathways and employability skills. They are given time to discover what types of careers suit their interests, personality and skill sets by completing the online Unifrog quizzes and to explore the careers that are linked to their results. Students in Year 10 are given the opportunity to write a CV and cover letter, as well as practising interview techniques during a drop down day during Careers week. Year 10 students are also encouraged to source and apply for a work experience placement, which can then be added to their CV.

Year 11 students are provided 1-to-1 careers interview with a qualified careers advisor.

There are also application workshops to support students and parents with applications to post-16 routes. Parents are also regularly updates with opportunities sent to the school via email.

During Key Stage 5, our students continue to focus on career pathways and employability skills. Students visit Higher Education institutions to get a taste of higher education. Students are given the opportunity to attend the UCAS Fair at Birmingham NEC, which is attended by hundreds of universities and apprenticeship providers, to find out more about the pathways they are considering. Students in Year 12 are also encouraged to find and apply to work experience placements, which they can add to their CV.

Should you have any questions or queries about the careers provisions, or you would like to support the school, please contact Chelsie Robinson-Barr (Careers Lead) via email or by calling 01933 222830

Policies relating to our careers provision can be found here: