Leisure Centre Consultation

Exam success at Weavers Academy and a Good Ofsted Report has led to a big increase in student numbers at the school.

Weavers Academy is to grow further in size so the school plans to review whether it can continue to accommodate and meet the needs of our growing body of students whilst offering full community use of the sports hall for activities and bookings beyond the 31st August 2020.

Anyone wishing to make comments or to discuss the matter with the school are asked to contact the Associate Principal, Rob Ridout, on leisure.centreconsultation@weaversacademy.org.uk or telephone 01933 222 830.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why are you reviewing the use of the facilities now ?
Answer: The number of students attending the school has greatly increased since 2015. As a result of Weavers Academy’s improved reputation and results there has been a significant increase in the number of students who now attend the school.
Question:  What have you done to stop the closure ?
Answer: Over the years, the school has always looked at how it’s facilities can be best used to meet the needs of its students.  As student numbers have increased additional new classrooms have been built within the existing building to meet the children’s educational needs. Up until this year, events requiring the use of large spaces have been managed on the main site.
Question: Why are you considering closing the sports facilities to the public now ?
Answer The spaces used to host big events and examinations have been converted to classrooms this year. Like many other schools these activities will now be delivered in the only large space we have available to use – the sports hall.
Question: There must be something else that can be done ?
Answer: The school has looked at alternative arrangements and the use of additional equipment to enable the continued use of the facilities but believe this would mean a significant rise in the costs charged to individuals and groups using the facilities. The school is not funded to meet the costs of running and maintaining the sports facilities without using monies intended for its students.
Question: What do we do ? Where do we go to do our sport ?
Answer: We are keen to support all users to find alternative places to continue to pursue their leisure interests. Some users will be able to secure the facilities they want at Wrenn, our sister school, on London Road, Wellingborough.
Question: Will we still be able to use the facilities until August 31st ?
Answer: Unfortunately, groups will not be able to book the facilities due to the restrictions placed upon us by the Covid-19 restrictions.
Question: Can we talk to anyone about how it affects us ?
Answer:  The school is open to helpful suggestions and comments and is willing to discuss the matter. In such an event, please contact Rob Ridout, the Associate Principal 01933 222830 or email on leisure.centreconsultation@weaversacademy.org.uk.