We pride ourselves on high standards of dress in school and ask for the co-operation of students and parents in maintaining these. A high standard of dress impacts on the working ethos of the school and how the wider community views our students. It is the expectation of this school that students attend dressed smartly, safely and that appropriately. Students wear the correct items of uniform in the correct manner. The Principal’s decision on the way all items of clothing should be worn is final.

Uniform in full. The correct items of school uniform must be worn correctly as shown and described below:

  • School blazer with badge: Blazers are to be worn at all times with the sleeves rolled down, including as students arrive and leave school. Only school badges to be worn on blazer*. Teachers may give permission to remove the blazer in lesson, and it may be removed at break and lunchtime
  • A school tie: tie in the school colours and using a clip on for safety and uniformity.
  • A formal shirt: formal shirt in white cotton, with stiff collar and buttons to the neckline. This must be worn with the sleeves rolled down and tucked into the trousers or skirt at all times.
  • Trousers: smart, black tailored trousers, full length.
  • Skirt: school regulation checked skirt worn to knee or below.
  • Socks: black or dark grey socks should be above the ankle and should be knee length with skirts
  • Shoes: formal shoes in black leather, with a smooth upper, rigid sole and heel. Shoes should not be trainers, not pumps, not dancing shoes, or informal shoes not boots. Shoes with Nike ticks, Kappa, adidas stripes etc. and sports other logos are not permitted.
  • Coat: an outdoor coat can be worn and must fit over the blazer. The coat is not to be worn instead of blazer or under the blazer. Hoodies are not permitted in school, nor are any other non-uniform items of clothing.

* Poppies may be worn up to 11 November or remembrance Sunday. We will consider other charity events when appropriate again for set periods of time.

PE Kit

  • School PE tops
  • Black shorts/ black joggers/ sports leggins (can be ordered from Price and Buckland)
  • Black sports socks
  • Trainers (any colour)
  • Football boots (as needed)

Please order uniform online using https://www.pbuniform-online.co.uk/weavers

Other kit and equipment

  • A large enough bag with capacity to fit A4 books, folders, pencil case and other equipment
  • Sports bag on PE days may also be required. (May be brought in a second bag if school bag not large enough)
  • In extremely hot weather, a cap or sun hat may be worn outside in hot weather. The school decides what is ‘extreme’.
  • A clear pencil case containing pencils x2, pens x2, one red pen, one green pen, ruler, colour pencils, eraser, and calculator. Additional equipment can be purchased from the student office. Please note compasses will be provided by the maths team when required.

Hair, make-up and jewellery

Hair and make-up: All hair must be natural colour. No shaved patterns. Hairstyles should not be extreme. Parents should consult, in advance, with their child’s Raising Standard Leader if they are unsure as to the suitability of a change of style. The school decides what is ‘extreme’.

  • Long hair to be tied back in PE, DT and science.
  • Hair products should be avoided due to safety issued around flames in science, DT etc.
  • Students will be given 24 hours to change inappropriately coloured hair.
  • Hair extensions must be the wearer’s natural hair colour.
  • Make-up must be ‘subtle’. School defines what ‘subtle’ is and students will be asked to remove excess.
  • No nail extensions: these prevent students from effectively participating in activities and poses a risk to students’ safety.
  • Only clear varnish—no colours allowed.


  • Two 5mm studs – one per ear
  • No facial piercings, no hoops, no multiple studs, no tongue studs, no spacers
  • No necklaces, bracelets or rings
  • No wrist bands
  • Hair bands must be on hair or in pockets, not around wrists
  • Students may wear a watch but no other jewellery is permitted due to health and safety and liability in case of loss

If students wish to have any part of their body pierced they must arrange this at the beginning of the summer holiday so that the wound has sufficient time to heal. Plasters may not be worn to cover body jewellery or facial piercings. If students disregard this, students may be placed in isolation during social time for infringement of uniform rules that cannot be rectified by sending the student home to change.

Students not in the correct uniform:

Students will be placed in reset for infringement of uniform rules that cannot be rectified by sending the student home to change or by the school providing a loan of appropriate items.

Special consideration will be given to parents if they wish their child to wear different items for religious, cultural or health reasons. Applications need to be made in writing to the school governing body.

Parents can apply in writing to the Principal/Governors for financial support. Such cases will be treated with due sensitivity and in confidence.