Our school will provide a safe environment where every young learner enjoys the challenge of becoming a creative high achiever, prepared for leadership and accountability in a world that is just and sustainable. As a result all of our students are allocated to a Year Group each of which has its own Pastoral Leader and a Pastoral Mentor.

In addition a form tutor is allocated to each form group and they will often be the first point of contact regarding student success or concerns. If you wish to speak to a member of the Pastoral Team a message can be left at Main Reception. Please understand that due to teaching commitments it is not always possible to arrange an immediate meeting but we pride ourselves on the speed in which we can arrange for this meeting to happen after we have received a request.

From our students, we expect the highest standards of personal conduct, the best possible academic performance and a real commitment to the wider life of the school. In return, we will help each individual to develop their talents to the full by working in partnership with parents, by providing a stimulating yet demanding approach to teaching and learning, and by presenting challenging opportunities through a wealth of enrichment activities beyond the classroom.

All students study PSHE with their form tutors and have a weekly assembly which supports the themes being studied. We have a school counselor and appointments can be arranged through Miss Ryle if required. There is also a drop in centre which is well advertised in the school, where the students can seek advice from a team of people including the school nurse, Connexions and the counselor.