Message to Students in Year 11 and Year 13

Good Morning Everyone

Year 11, I am delighted and absolutely thrilled to see your results today!

Year 11 and Year 13, you make me feel proud of you all of the time and today, I am more proud than ever. Despite the many challenges that you have all faced in recent months you have shown real resilience and determination and I congratulate you all on your successes!

Year 13, I am so pleased that with the Government’s change of approach, a significant number of A level grades have been uplifted today and this is indeed very good news and is well deserved. New A level grades have been released on Edulink this morning and Mrs Sexsmith and Mrs Pandya are on site today if you wish to speak to them about next steps. Congratulations to you all once again.

As you know, we await the outcomes of vocational qualifications for all of you and the school will let you have those when they are released to us.

I am so sad not to be able to be with you in person this morning. I am missing not seeing your faces as you open your results. I miss the usual celebrations with you in the hall, all the noise, the balloons, hearing you sing, watching you dance and jump for joy with the staff and your families. But we are not deterred and here at school, Mr Higgins, Mrs Sexsmith and all the staff that on site are smiling and telling many stories about you and your time at the school. Everyone at here is so happy for you all today! You’ve all come such a long way.

Whether you are taking up a place in the sixth form at Weavers Academy or moving on to college, university, an apprenticeship or the workplace our sincere and heartfelt best wishes go with you wherever your next steps are taking you.

My dearest Year 11 and Year 13, please know that I am always proud of you. Please keep in touch and let us know how things are going. I look forward to seeing those of you who are taking up a place in the sixth form at Weavers in September.

Best wishes to you and to your families. Enjoy the remaining days of the holiday until you set off again on the next stage of your learning journey.

Kind regards

Ms Swaida

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