September Mass Testing

It has been announced that schools would test before as the students return in September. The government has asked that we test our students twice in their first two weeks, with tests needing to be between three and five days apart. The first two tests will be conducted on site and students will be expected to continue testing at home from the 13th September.

We plan to test students on the following dates over the two week period. You will receive a text inviting you to attend and giving you a date and time of when to come. Below also includes when to return to school:

Year GroupTesting DayReturn to School Day
Year 7Test Monday 6thReturn to school Monday 6th
Year 8Test Wednesday 8thReturn to school Thursday 9th
Year 9Test Tuesday 7thReturn to school Wednesday 8th
Year 10Test Wednesday 8thReturn to school Thursday 9th
Year 11Test Tuesday 7thReturn to school Wednesday 8th
Year 12/13Test Monday 6thReturn to school Tuesday 7th

This programme currently is for the school to test students on their return to school. Whilst the government is encouraging all students and staff to participate in the testing arrangements are of course voluntary and any testing will only take place with consent. All parents and carers are required to complete the attached Microsoft Form giving or declining consent. On this occasion an email will not be sufficient.  The new in school tests are nasal swab only.

Thank you if you have already completed this, If not please follow the link below to complete the form:

If you have any queries regarding this, please contact us via the link below:

Please see in the linked attachment which explains how the test is done and give you an idea of what to expect. Further links will be added.

Do not hesitate to contact us at school should you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Monday 6th
Year GroupForm GroupStart TimeFinish Time
Tuesday 7th
Year GroupForm GroupStart TimeFinish Time
Wednesday 8th
Year GroupForm GroupStart TimeFinish Time

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